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Lana helps women with skin changes that result from cancer and cancer treatments. She is trained and certified by the American Cancer Society to lead free group sessions for the “Look Good Feel Better” program. She also treats women in the privacy of her salon.

Working as an oncology aesthetician has brought Lana face to face with people that have undergone physical and emotional trauma. They don't know how to compensate for the changes they are experiencing and they verbalize that they "just want to get back to normal." Lana assists patients find a new normal with her many years of experience, positive attitude and caring heart.

Products - During this transition period, most over the counter skin care and make up products cause irritation. Not only do patients need non-irritating, non-toxic products, but ones that are specifically designed to heal the skin. Lana assists in supporting the skin with that it needs to enhance the body's natural healing process.

Skin Care

As a Clinical Aesthetician, Lana has been working with people experiencing challenging health conditions for over 25 years. The radiation and chemotherapy treatment regiments are toxic to tumors but also inflict collateral damage on normal tissue. As a result, most patients experience some level of skin and hair damage.

Chemotherapy drugs are researched and custom treatments are designed to facilitate restoring healthy skin.

Common Side effects are:

  • extreme hydration
  • itchy, sensitive skin
  • burns
  • skin rash
  • acne

Healing Facial Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage $ 38.00
Hydration Facial $ 68.00
Corrective Facial $ 78.00

Oncology Make Up

Drawing on her experience as a Paramedic Make Up Artist, Lana cosmetically camouflages side effects of oncology treatments, such as:

  • loss of eyelashes and eyebrows
  • hyperpigmentation
  • blue skin
  • sallow skin
  • red flushed skin
  • burns
  • bruises
  • scars

Paramedic Make Up

eyebrow and eyeliner lesson $ 40.00
hyperpigmentation and foundation lesson $ 40.00
make up lesson $ 80.00
camouflage lesson $ 40.00

Oncology Skin Care:

Elite Therapuetics, www.elitetherapeutics.com
Tecniche, www.tecniche.com